Ceril Campbell

Transformational Life & Style Coach, Content Creator, Broadcaster, Author.

What my clients say

“Ceril – you brought so much positivity, light and joy to the women in our organisation 😊  Thank you for supporting us to become more empowered, kind and happy.”

Corporate client.

“You are such a warm, talented and engaging lady – thank you for sharing your wisdom, insight and wit”


“Ceril undertook a review of our branding and marketing positioning and did a great job of getting under the skin of our values, culminating in some excellent branding advice. She is most experienced and intuitive in her approach and I would recommend her unreservedly.”

Simon Hill, Chairman at Wellgate Health.

“I have booked Ceril as a guest on the shows I produce on several occasions. She’s brilliant on air, understanding the brief and delivering a strong contribution. Her versatility coupled with her extensive experience means that she is able to adapt and engage brilliantly with presenters and handle any subject and any question with flair and knowledge. Ceril is in my special guest book, a go to guest I will book again and again and can’t recommend her enough!”

Gabriella Incalza, Production Manager at Brand Conversation

“I want to thank you for representing us with professionalism, respect and grace. We truly appreciate it. You helped build our brand into something very important to QVC-UK, and we are very thankful. You should be proud of your efforts with us.”

Marc Schwartz, COO Bob Mackie Design Group.

“Thank you for coming into school to speak, giving our pupils the opportunity to reflect in a slightly different context on the uses and values of social media and self. It certainly created a valid debate. Real change will come about from reflection and honest dialogue and I feel that your presentation gave us that.”

Mark Waldron, Headmaster.
Ryde School with Upper Chine, Isle of Wight

“A brilliant start to our PHSCE day focusing on mental health. Thank you to Ceril Campbell for her insightful talk on body image & confidence to 500 girls, aged 11 to 17.”

Streatham & Clapham High School

“Ceril worked with the ITV Tonight programme special on the Duchess of Sussex: giving us expert commentary on her style and how she was developing her brand message. Full of fascinating insight, she was a delight to work with and brought a special polish to our programme.”

Julie Etchingham ITV Tonight

“Ceril’s session was extremely engaging and full of good advice for the girls as they embark on their transition to secondary school.”

Ursuline Preparatory school, Wimbledon.

“I had reached a point in my life when I really hated the way I looked, how I thought, my job, my life, my purpose. In one day Ceril shook me up. It’s not just about clothes, hair & make-up. It’s about a step change in thinking. One day at a time.”


“The day was motivating and inspiring and achieved exactly the results I was looking for.”

Tanya Goodin, CEO Tamar

“Ceril is a great Style guru, who approaches her work with energy enthusiasm and panache. We have worked together in her guise as a clothes stylist for many years, often in trying circumstances, and Ceril has always come up trumps!”
Sven Arnstein, Photographer, video producer & director.
“Meeting Ceril has been such a positive experience. I no longer stress about having nothing to wear and have discovered a new confidence and new ways to wear clothes that have been languishing in my wardrobe. I now feel sure about what suits my body shape which makes shopping a pleasurable experience rather than a daunting and depressing occasion. An added bonus is the saving I’ve made in NOT buying clothes as a slave to trying to be fashionable. Engaging Ceril’s services is in my opinion a win, win situation.”

Carolyn, London

“The session went well. Ceril was very well prepared and her resources were excellent. Some of our students did question her quite intently on the subject matter and there was a lot of discussion when students left the hall, which is great.”

Royal Russell School, Croydon

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