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I love Detox kitchen – the calorie controlled home delivery service – as the meals are delivered daily, fresh to your front door. They really are delicious, I look forward to eating them and I have now enjoyed using them over the last few years – and I paid – they were not gifted.  You can choose from the cleanse, flexi or maintain meal plan to suit your lifestyle and want you wish to achieve. The plan I used most is the  5-day protein cleanse – which includes breakfast, lunch, dinner, a midmorning snack, a juice, a healthy shot and a healthy little treat-style pudding and a herbal tea bag. If you fancy trying this – my discount code is CERIL20 for your 1st order. Thereafter my code would be CERIL15 for future orders. 

The on-demand fashion delivery app @needitfortonight  

A fantastic and diverse selection from independent stores and high end brands.  I have road tested the app myself, with a fabulous dress – that can be seen on my post.

ADEM Hairdressing  –

Adem is my new favourite hairdresser for my haircut – as he has given me the best haircut that I’ve had for years. The secret to a great haircut isn’t just in a fabulous cut and blow-dry – but how it works afterwards for you in your every day life – esp. if you need to manage your hair looking good on your own. 

BOOTS FUTURE RENEW Damage Reversal serum, day & night creams –  – 

This is my current favourite moisturiser brand from Boots for more mature skins like my own. I have been using them since the beginning of this year. I discovered it after reading reviews and bought my first set to try. I find that, for me, it has worked as well as some of the high priced premium moisturisers. I noticed that there a current temporary online 20% offer at the moment – BEAUTY20 – I am not sure for how long from when I post this.